St John's Centre

Pendre Close, Brecon

The Well-Being Project, Brecon is located at St. John's Centre in Pendre Close.

This building was once a school and has a long history in Brecon. It has been open as a community centre since 2012.

Open To All, We work:

  • To provide opportunities for members of the community, regardless of age and abilities. 
  • To ensure that older people will have lives that have value, respect and friendship, a meaning and a purpose and general well-being and quality of life is improved, living longer for better.
  • In partnership with other agencies to provide the best support for our clients
  • To promote intergenerational relationships and support across the community
  • To  enable access to fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices via our Food Co-op 
  • To promote healthy eating and develop cookery skills for all ages 
  • To provide a Luncheon Club and social activities for the over 50s at affordable rates 
  • To develop a Gardening Club for all ages 
  • To encourage volunteering in the services provided, so that community members can take ownership

“I feel I am very lucky to have access to this enjoyable and valuable

asset, to meet other people and have a very enjoyable lunch time” 

“It taught me new skills”

Other charities at St John's Centre


Mirus Wales is a charity that works to enhance the lives of disabled people. They offer support, advice and help to their clients and families.

MIrus rent an office upstairs in St. John's Centre and we have opportunities to work together in our community garden and other projects.

For more info about Mirus Wales, please follow this link:

Shelter Cymru

Shelter Cymru work to help homeless people and those at risk of homelessness. They offer adice and support on legal issues, rent, mortgages, housing rights and conditions and more. 

Shelter Cymru rent an office upstairs at St. John's Centre and are able to refer their clients to our projects if appropriate.

For more information on Shelter Cymru please follow this link: 


Brecon Foodbank

Brecon Foodbank, a separate charity, is our biggest partner - they rent space here at the centre and we are able to work with them on various projects such as cooking clubs and our food co-op. They have vouchers to give to their clients to use our food co-op and so access fresh fruit and vegetables as well as the non-perishable items usually included in a Foodbank parcel.

Foodbank is mainly staffed by volunteers who work hard to reduce the impact of poverty in the local area. They serve a large region including Sennybridge, Hay-on Wye, Crickhowell and more.

For more information about Brecon Foodbank, please follow this link: